Although Vietnam is a small country, it has undergone a very long history and not everyone knows it.

In this article I give you a very short summary of the historical periods of Vietnam and hope it is useful to you


  • Paleolithic : people lived hundreds of thousands of years ago in the territory of Vietnam with relics of the Son Vi culture. 
  • Neolithic Age : about 5700-15000 years ago, typical with Hoa Binh culture and Bac Son with wet rice civilization. 
  • Bronze-Stone Age : about 3500-4000 years ago, typical with Phung Nguyen culture. 
  • Bronze Age : about 3000 years ago, typical with Dong Dau culture, Go Mun culture. 
  • Iron Age : about 1200 BC, typical with Dong Son, Sa Huynh, Oc Eo cultures. 

Hong Bang period (2879 BC – 208 BC) 

  • The country of Red Devils : it can be considered as a loose “federal” state of the ancient Vietnamese tribes, living in the Linh Nam region. Legend has it that De Minh was the grandson of the Emperor Yan (ie Shen Nong) while going south, married a fairy and gave birth to a son named Luc Toc. De Minh appointed his eldest son, De Nghi, to be king of the North, and his second son, Luc Toc, to be king of the South, taking the title Kinh Duong Vuong, and the country’s name was Xich Gui. Thus, Kinh Duong Vuong is the ancestor of the Vietnamese nation. Kinh Duong Vuong married King Dong Dinh Ho’s daughter, Long Nu, and gave birth to a son named Sung Lam. After Kinh Duong Vuong passed the throne to Sung Lam, ie Lac Long Quan. After that, Lac Long Quan married a fairy and gave birth to a hundred eggs and hatched a hundred children. This is the ancestor of the Bach Viet people. 
  • Van Lang State: after the disintegration of the “federal” period, around the 7th century BC, the Lac Viet people living in North Vietnam have now built their own state. It was the Van Lang state ruled by the Hung kings and based in Phong Chau (present-day Phu Tho). 
  • Thuc Dynasty (257 BC – 208 BC) : Around the 3rd century BC, Thuc Phan was the leader of the Au Lac tribe who joined forces with the 18th Hung King to defeat the invading army of the Qin Dynasty. King Hung ceded the throne to Thuc Phan, merging the territories of Au Viet and Lac Viet into Au Lac. Thuc Phan ascended to the throne took the title An Duong Vuong, established the Thuc dynasty, and established the capital in Co Loa.


China colonised Vietnam, 1 time (208 BC – 39) 

China colonised Vietnam, 2 time  (208 BC – 39) 

China colonised Vietnam, 3 time (43 – 543)

Early Ly Dynasty (544-602) 

In 542, Ly Bi revolted and defeated the Luong Dynasty. 

The Third Northern Period (602 – 905) 

The period of independence and autonomy (905-1592)

During this period China successively invaded Vietnam but failed.


 (1527 – 1771)

Vietnam was divided into two regions and ruled by different governments.

1771 King Quang Trung unified the country.

During the periods of time, the country also had a civil war.

1858 France attacked Vietnam and began to colonize Vietnam.

1945 Ho Chi Minh read the Declaration of Independence and established Vietnam as it is today.

1954 France returned home and Vietnam was again divided into two regions and ruled by two regimes, socialist and capitalist, with the participation of the United States.

1975 Vietnam war ended and the country is at peace to this day.

1986 Vietnam changed its economic mechanism towards a market economy





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