What To See and How to go to Cu Chi tunnels

Cuchi tour

Today I will take you guys around Cu Chi

Cu Chi Tunnels tour

Cu Chi Tunnels tour

In this article, I will present the ways to visit Cu Chi and what you will do to see Cu Chi.

Does Cu Chi deserve to be an attraction in Ho Chi Minh City?

Cu Chi is the name of a tunnel system located in the west of Ho Chi Minh City, it was built during the French colonial period.

The special thing here is that it was built by the Vietnamese and more specifically by the farmers who lived in this area because during this period the French used to oppress and exploit the people here, they consider them as organized resistance, and the people here dug tunnels and built underground shelters to hide from the French. All tunneling activities were built by hand and were not involved in any modern machinery.

Cuchi tour

During the resistance war against the US, the people here used this tunnel system to become a resistance base, they dug more and more solid and complex tunnels and connected many tunnels together to make it The longest tunnel system in Vietnam and played a very important role in the Vietnam War.

Ok, that was in the past but now it is a tourist attraction, it is now like a bridge connecting the past and the present.

We can get to Cu Chi by the river and by road.

For the road, you can rent a motorbike and drive yourself to Cu Chi, if you are in the center of District 1, you will drive about 30 minutes to get there. In the suburbs, then you will no longer see traffic jams or the noisy atmosphere of the city, then you will drive through the small rural roads, the landscape is also quite beautiful with rice fields and green fields. rubber forest. After about 30 minutes, you’ll have arrived at Cu Chi.

we need 1 hour to get to Cu Chi.

If you rent a private car, the time is similar to a motorbike because traffic in the city seems to move at the same speed because of traffic jams and speed limits.

You can also take a bus to Cu Chi, but it takes quite a long time, maybe more than 3 hours and you need to catch up to 2 buses to get to Cu Chi Tunnels,

First Take bus number 13 in, Ben Thanh, District 1 to Cu Chi bus station. From Cu Chi bus station, take bus number 79 to Ben Duoc tunnels or bus number 63 to Ben Dinh tunnels.

As for waterways, you must book tours through tour companies, usually, tour companies will use speedboats, so the feeling of running on the Saigon River and sightseeing is also great.

There are 2 places for you to visit Cu chi, one is Ben Duoc and the other is Ben Dinh

Both belong to the Cu Chi tunnel system, there is not much difference. There are some differences between the two places that Ben Dinh is located closer to the center of Ho Chi Minh city than Ben Duoc. There are more tourists in Ben Dinh than in Ben Duoc, so Ben Dinh is busier, you will feel the less old atmosphere in Ben Dinh, there are many reasons for the bustle and one of them is probably The distance is shorter, so many tour companies choose to bring guests to save on transportation costs.

I would advise you to choose Ben Duoc.

I introduce the process of visiting Ben Duoc

.The first is definitely the entrance and you will buy a ticket here, the ticket price is about 100k

After buying the ticket you go straight for about 100m then on the right you have a small display area, this place displays some guns and bombs that the parties used at the Cu Chi battlefield. This place is like a living witness of history and an open-air war museum, everything here is real and has been used in the past. The old space and bomb fragments are starting to remind you of a historical period that we certainly don’t want it to happen. Behind the exhibition area, there is a rather small path leading into the forest, surrounded by rows of old trees that are probably nearly 100 years old, it still stands there despite the rain and wind of time and the bombs of the past, it seemed ready to greet us and take us back to the past. Walking among the trees makes you feel like you are going deep into the forest and searching for the past.

The first relic you will see is termite nests, many will not notice it, but after walking about 100 meters we see them appearing more and more, if we pay attention and ask your guide, we will be extremely surprised with their function. Many of these termite nests were fake, in fact, they were vents for Viet Cong soldiers to get air for the bunkers. Coming here, you will feel more surprised that there are secret tunnels under your feet. The way the people here camouflage the termite nest is very subtle; if we don’t pay attention, we won’t detect it.

The US military injected toxic gas and water into these termite nests to destroy the Viet Cong, but it didn’t seem to be effective because the wharf under the tunnel had a different design to resist outside influences.

Going about 50 meters, you will see a cottage with statues depicting the costumes of the Viet Cong spirit in the past, next to it is a collection of bombs that the US military dropped here, there are including the Nepal bomb, which is now banned by many countries, it is measured that for every m2 of land in this Cu Chi, we can collect nearly 5 kg of bomb fragments (perhaps that’s why they call Cu Chi is the land of steel or it can also be because the spirit of Cu Chi people is as hard as steel.)

Next, we go about 50 meters to a waiting room, where there is a map of the sightseeing area and a map of area. Described below the tunnel, we will listen to the guide explain about this area and watch about 30 minutes of a documentary about the Vietnam war, we can go to the toilet in this area.

Then we continue along the small trails to reach the tunnel, along the way you will be surprised how many bomb craters are still present today. The first tunnel we will visit is the well, where the people here get water and of course, the water in this well is still drinkable.

We will experience walking along the tunnel for about 20 meters, then exit by another exit to reach the shooting bunker, where the soldiers hide and observe outside. Really you will be surprised by the extremely small entrance of the tunnel and the sophisticated way of camouflaged by dry leaves, here you will try to enter the bunker but it is actually quite a difficult challenge for most people. Most visitors, because the entrance is so small and dark, nowadays they have made it a little bigger so that visitors can enter but it is still a challenge for those who weigh over 80 kg. In this tunnel, visitors can crawl from one entrance to another and hear the guide talk about the secrets in the tunnel.

After exiting the tunnel we continue to walk about 50 meters you will see the traps that the VC used to fight the invaders. Most of the traps here are self-created by the people and are typical of these pits. Going through the forest we will encounter many similar traps, it is made from bamboo trees in this area and is carefully camouflaged with leaves. The damage is not as strong as the bomb, but it slows down the progress of the American attack.

Traps made from bamboo

Next, we go about 50 meters, we will see a secret bunker, inside we will see where the doctors and nurses treat the wounded soldiers. Next to the first aid bunker is the basement for the commander, inside the bunker there will be a very small and narrow tunnel and also a rather long tunnel for visitors to experience the feeling of crawling inside. tunnel. It’s really not an easy feeling when it’s very dark inside, lacks oxygen and even small animals like bats… we will have a tunnel of about 50 meters because we don’t have much time, so it’s not easy. in my experience, a lot of tourists feel exhausted when crawling about 50 meters of this tunnel because it is quite dark, humid, and lacks oxygen. Don’t worry, you can choose not to take the tunnel and walk on the ground to get to the next point.

After going through the tunnel, we will go about 50 meters to a stop for tourists to rest and drink water, here you will hear the guide tell about the historical stories of Vietnam and visit VC’s kitchen, to learn more about how the ancients cooked rice without being detected by enemies, in the smoke that drifted across the forest.

Smart kitchen without smoke

Next, we continue to walk through the forest to another bunker to see the items that CV uses to make bombs and weapons, we will be surprised to see that most of their weapons are used. recycled from US military weapons.

The next destination is the shooting range, where you can rent guns and buy ammunition to experience the feeling of shooting, most of the guns rented by tourists to shoot are AK47s because it’s a bit strange for Western Europe and the US, as well as the price to buy pellets is also cheaper than other guns, the price for a bullet is about 50,000 VND.

Yeah so we just went for a walk in the Cu Chi tunnels, really this is a historical site and the tunnel system here is more than 200 km long and leads to the Cambodian border, but for many reasons, There are many different things that we cannot fully explore, but I believe that with one day of experience, you can also imagine what happened in the past and love peace more than war.

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